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Celebrate Recovery

Tuesday nights 

6:45 PM Large Group
7:45 PM Issue Specific/Gender Specific Small Groups for men and women   

The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to use a biblical, Christ-centered program, allowing all to become free from life's hurts, hang–ups and habits. 

We believe that by utilizing worship, group settings, accountability partners, and a sponsor, we will be able to apply the biblical principles of 
quiet time, 
and helping one another. 
Our belief is that applying the above principal true freedom can be attained.

 The only requirement to be a member is a willingness to change your current situation. Total confidentiality and anonymity are required. This program will not tolerate the violation of these principals. It is vital that this type of environment is provided for members to feel safe as they forge forward. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave.

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