(First in a series of thoughts from members of and visitors to First Baptist Church, Quinlan)

My name is Donna, and my husband and I joined FBCQ recently. We were very active in a similar sized church in Indiana, but God brought us to Quinlan the end of October, 2019. 

We visited one other church, which wasn't a good fit, so we discussed our next visit. The initial draw for me was that this little church was close to our home. I contacted the pastor on Facebook, and we talked several times. Our first visit to the church was enough that we decided to visit for a few weeks. It felt friendly, as though we were still in our little Indiana church. The announcements were full of activities for everybody. There were lots of children, and a nice diversity in the congregation. One of the things we loved in our old church was handshaking time. Well, sure enough, they had a time for greetings.

Several of the couples invited us to lunch after church, so we immediately found new friends with much in common. God has a funny way of giving us friends we relate to. Remember the diversity I talked about? How strange that we had lunch with people who had careers in common, rode motorcycles, and loved the things we loved.

After 3 weeks, we joined. We just knew we wanted to attend here. We love the way God is blessing this little congregation with new faces and new opportunities.

If you are looking for a small, loving church that teaches God's Word straight from his mouth, the Bible, then please come visit our church. We would love to have you.

I'm very excited to announce that beginning the second week of January we'll be starting our couples class back up.  Mr. Eric Dorsey and Mrs. Anita Dorsey will be leading the class.  This class is for married couples, soon to be married couples, couples looking to grow in their marriage, couples having problems in the their marriage etc... The course is biblically based with practical application.  It's how to live in a biblical sound marriage.  If you are wanting God to bless your marriage this will be the class for you.

This is a pretty cool thing that FBC Quinlan has started.  It's geared toward's all couples no matter your age.

Hey Folks,

It's Pastor Josh here, thanks to Bro. Robert Mora for adding me to the contact list for this.  Just wanted to reach out to everyone and tell you happy holidays.  Lot's of things going on out here...don't forget the reason for the season, "Jesus."  Get rooted in a Church home.  At FBC Quinlan we are all about family!  You will have a place here. 

See ya Sunday. 12/19/19

Pastor Josh

Dinner every wednesday at 6 00 pm and a breakfast the 1 and 3 sunday of every month invite a friend to these every time it happens. Loving God Loving You

Hello and welcome back we would just like to keep you guys informed that big things are happening with our church and we want to let you know that God is moving in our church. Thank the Lord almighty that he brought us Josh Blakley and Family because God is using him to bring more people into our church.Loving God Loving You

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