Monday, September 21, 2020, 20:35

(First in a series of thoughts from members of and visitors to First Baptist Church, Quinlan)

My name is Donna, and my husband and I joined FBCQ recently. We were very active in a similar sized church in Indiana, but God brought us to Quinlan the end of October, 2019. 

We visited one other church, which wasn't a good fit, so we discussed our next visit. The initial draw for me was that this little church was close to our home. I contacted the pastor on Facebook, and we talked several times. Our first visit to the church was enough that we decided to visit for a few weeks. It felt friendly, as though we were still in our little Indiana church. The announcements were full of activities for everybody. There were lots of children, and a nice diversity in the congregation. One of the things we loved in our old church was handshaking time. Well, sure enough, they had a time for greetings.

Several of the couples invited us to lunch after church, so we immediately found new friends with much in common. God has a funny way of giving us friends we relate to. Remember the diversity I talked about? How strange that we had lunch with people who had careers in common, rode motorcycles, and loved the things we loved.

After 3 weeks, we joined. We just knew we wanted to attend here. We love the way God is blessing this little congregation with new faces and new opportunities.

If you are looking for a small, loving church that teaches God's Word straight from his mouth, the Bible, then please come visit our church. We would love to have you.

Nell Hayes wrote:
Saturday, July 29, 2023, 15:18
I look for a Bible-believing church. I like to go to Sunday School and Worship Service. I joined First Baptist in January 2020. I knew after coming all the way from North Louisiana that I would need to find a church home soon. I believe First Baptist was the first church I contacted who provided transportation. I did visit with Ms. Minnie and her church at the time, but I knew that wasn't the church for me. I like to hear contemporary music and Christian music. Here it is July 30, 2023 almost. I believe I came to FBC on June 4 and June 25 of this year. Before that, I had been absent due to many personal issues. Only on July 1, was I able to ask God for peace, and He started giving it to me, hoping it will last during the last half of 2023. My word for the year is light! I was born on Thomas Edison's birthday, Feb. 11, inventor of the bulb. During the late fall/early winter, I had to start taking antibiotics. I was doing okay about that, but I think my immune system was weakened by what was happening with my family and Philip and a little bit at FBC and somewhat here at ITC. I am not a negative thinker and I love going to church. I have been hoping to hear from someone at the church...a phone call, a card, a visit. This assisted living facility with the residents who are here need to hear the Word of God, not just from Pastor Joseph. I still share and care with prayer with my volunteer work for Our Daily Bread since 2013. Maybe, that is enough of a testimony in a blog. Hope everything will be okay tomorrow. The last Sunday I came, I disagreed with the Sunday School teacher (not Brother Dean). One Sunday I came, a female member said she was leaving the church. The ICT residents can't have coffee anymore, but Rose Bolden taught me how to make it. In my absence, Alex was putting too much coffee in the pot. I had been donating my pocket change. First Bapist is the only place where I can get a good cup of coffee. I don't like the coffee here. I am not writing to fuss or condemn. I am writing as a 66 year old Christian widow...a Southern Baptist. I pray for the best tomorrow as God said wait and He will send the best. I am going to anxious, but I will try to do my best tomorrow as a Christian! God bless you all and I have missed you all.
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