Women's Gun Safety Mentorship

The Women's Gun Safety class met for the first time on December 12th. It was a great class.

We find that many of our women have a desire to own their own gun, or they already do and are just not comfortable with it yet. 

In our first class, we discussed the most basic aspects of gun safety; Is it loaded? How do I know? How do I make it safe? We spent some time looking at each gun and handling it. Much of the trepidation can be remedied with simple handling. Being comfortable with your gun happens with practice and familiarity.

In January, we went to the range. The ladies who were able to attend found that they enjoyed it, and were good shots! I look forward to getting other women involved, and watching this grow.

We look forward to adding a few women to the safety committee as well! So far, Donna is representing the girls!
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