The Women's Fellowship at FBCQuinlan is very active. 

From focused study groups to decorating the church and everything in between, the women are busy. If you like being with other ladies who love having fun, come join us. We will be posting our activities here, so keep an eye out for new information.

Prayer Requests: 
Several of our members have family with COVID.
Jim high blood sugar 
 Vicki Watson stage 4 cancer & daughter Rachel 
Josh’s Uncle Clayton- finished treatments and cancer came right back 
Jeannie kidney stone 
Ruby cancer 
Sue’s heath (Rose’s friend who is helping them to get house) 
Donna's daughters, Brandy and Marissa
Denice's daughters; Leslie has EDS and Erica has EDS and POTS
Pray for a car and job for Denice
Stacey's family as Chris moves to Indiana
Miranda's brother Nicholas
Glenda Washington's grandson Tommy
Carol Peterson's sciatic nerve and left knee
Pam's Aunt Sheri had a stroke
Gaye Owens' husband's boss, Gene, is at VA and diabetic.
Teresa's dad, Jerry has rare form of Parkinson's with no available treatment.
Always be in prayer for our country.

 Thursday January 14th Chapter 7 6:30 pm 
Thursday January 28th Chapter 8 6:30 pm 
Thursday February 11th Chapter 9 6:30 pm Valentine Party /get together? 
Thursday February 25th Something new 
March -Possibly retreat 

 Kathy Bridges 
C 903-413-1207